Fidalgo Fly Fishers



FFF4 1. To promote the sport of fly-fishing in the State of Washington.

2. To promote and work for the betterment of all waters, all fish.

3. To encourage and advocate the conservation and increase of all native fish in the waters of the State of Washington.

4. To promote a campaign of education against pollution of all waters of the State of Washington.

FFF4 5. To encourage and assist any person to become a fly fisher.

6. To cooperate with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and other organizations whose goals coincide with those of this Club in enhancing the quality of fisheries in the State of Washington.

7. To promote adherence to and education regarding fishing regulations on waters set aside for fly-fishing only.

8. To provide opportunities for members to enjoy the various aspects of fly fishing with others in our membership.



Fidalgo Fly Fishers is an affiliated club of the Fly Fishers International since 1975.

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