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The Fidalgo Fly Fishers use different education forums and venues to further the clubs Aims & Purposes, see Fidalgo Fly Fishers Aims & Purposes.
In addition to the sport itself, members are involved in educating the public on environmental and conservation issues such as fish and wildlife habitat protection and restoration. These efforts focus on education through fly fishing and include the following objectives.
1. To encourage fly fishing and other selective fishing techniques
as a means of conservation and increasing fishing opportunity.
2. To actively assist and encourage the public to become fly fishers,
and to adopt the club's philosophies.
3. To encourage family and youth participation in activities of the
club, and to provide instruction in all phases of fly fishing for
youth and adults.
4. Fidalgo Fly Fishers are active in many of the important
conservation issues of the day by conserving, restoring, and
education through Fly Fishing.

FF3 Fly Fishing class at Skagit Valley College FFF4
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The 2018 winter fly fishing class is scheduled to start Wednesday, January 3rd 6:30 to 9:30 pm and continue through March 14th at the Mount Vernon Campus, --Link to SVCC catalog page at SKAGIT VALLEY COLLEGE Continuing Professional Education select the Winter schedule then the course information.
Refer to the FFF Bulletin Board for other details.

Introduction to Fly Fishing
This course, taught by Fidalgo Fly Fishers Members, focuses upon fly fishing for trout in western North America streams and lakes.
The beginner will acquire sufficient knowledge and skill to start fly fishing and catch trout.

FFF4 The topics include: matching lines, rods, and reels; casting fly line; selecting leaders, knots, and tippets; learning about trout foods and related flies; basic fly tying; trout habitat and behavior; and fly fishing methods.

About half of the classes are actual "hands-on" learning by doing. There are a couple optional Saturday classes as well.

Fly Tying class at Skagit Valley College.
Check here or the Outings and Bulletin Board in the Fall or Winter for information on the 2018 Class. .

FFF4 The course, taught by Fidalgo Fly Fishers Members, is usually limited to 16 students to assure individualized attention. Two fly patterns are tied each night requiring different tying techniques. Students will have 10 productive trout flies upon completing the course.

FFF4 There is a reference notebook with recipes, formulas, and fishing techniques for each pattern as well as step-by-step photographs. Students will use a variety of materials. The fly tying equipment and materials are provided by our Club.

Students should have completed the Introduction to Fly Fishing course first or have some prior experience tying flies.

FF3 Skagit River Salmon Festival
--Link to Skagit River Salmon Festival

FFF4 The Fidalgo Fly Fishers use the opportunity of the Skagit River Salmon Festival to further the clubs Aims & Purposes, see Fidalgo Fly Fishers Aims & Purposes.


The venue of the Skagit River Salmon Festival is one more educational opportunity for the Fidalgo Fly Fishers to advance, promote and teach it's Aims and Purposes. Our club participation in this free, public service event supports other Skagit Watershed Council organizations, conservation organizations that we contribute to, and provides a valuable public education to fly fishing for young and old alike.



Fidalgo Fly Fishers Spey Casting Clinic

FFF4 Another opportunity for Education for members and non-members is through seminars or clinics by vendors and/or experts on specialized equipment or techniques such as this outing. This is a demonstration with Fidalgo Fly Fishers on a cold December day on the art of Spey Casting.
FFF4 The members standing on shore, range from Spey novices to Spey casting experts, but all learned from experienced casters and from each other. A great way to share knowledge and teach the skills of Fly Fishing. Also, refer to this article from the Skagit Valley Herald. A great article that points out the educational aspects and the different skill levels involved.




Fidalgo Fly Fishers General Meetings and Guest Speakers Program.

FFF4 Another opportunity for Education for members and non-members is through the guest speaker program administered through the General Meetings, refer to the Outings & Events page to see the list of Guest speakers by month. Most meetings are open to the public and if there are restrictions on attendance, it is listed there.
FFF4 The General Meetings always open with a Fly Tying demonstration, which is informative and a great learning experience.
During the General Business part of the General Meeting, Committee members report on special projects, and special items from the current Wahoo, which is available as WAHOO NEWS.
Again the Wahoo News, current and past editions, are an excellent vehicle for Fidalgo Fly Fishers to inform and educate members and non-members. For past editions refer to the WAHOO NEWS Archive.



Fidalgo Fly Fishers is an affiliated club of the Fly Fishers International since 1975.

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